Americans’ Confidence in Its Leaders Hits New Low

December 30, 2011 20:50

77% of Americans believe the U.S. has a leadership crisis. Without better leaders, America will decline as a nation, according to 77% of those interviewed. .. without trust and confidence in our leaders, America cannot recover the energy and optimism required to restore its domestic economy and global leadership.


By Bill George


he stakes are high; the nation’s challenges are grave, and the consequences of failed leadership today will be felt for decades to come.” In the survey’s only hint of optimism, 77% believe the nation’s problems can be solved with better leaders, indicating the extreme importance of effective leadership.

I strongly support these conclusions, and the urgent need for the United States to develop and select new leaders who are committed to put the common good ahead of their own interests.  Then, and only then, can the vitality of the United States be restored to its position of global leadership.


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