King Barack’s power grab

January 6, 2012 06:29

“The president blames the Democrat-controlled Senate for not confirming his nominee and by pulling this latest end-around has essentially declared war on the Legislative Branch, while creating yet another unaccountable bureaucratic monstrosity.” – NY Post


NY Post opinion



Obama is the first president to declare that he, and he alone, can decide whether the Senate — which must confirm his appointments — is actually meeting.


Obama, with Reid’s concurrence, contends that such sessions are actually “gimmicks” — and that the Senate actually is in recess.


So much for the separation of powers and the carefully calibrated system of checks and balances that are hallmarks of the US constitutional system.


Obama, of course, plans to run for re-election against Congress, painting it as Wall Street’s puppet.


But what he did yesterday was no shot across the bow; it was, rather, a direct hit — with the Constitution taking the brunt of the blow.




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