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January 23, 2013 07:14

Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address, Translated

His rhetoric on the issues only thinly disguised his true meaning. Let’s translate some of his key points.

October 11, 2012 05:51

Leader of the Free World Wimps Out

Obama’s little lecture to the naughty boys did not work. His demand for tolerance was rejected the very next day by the democratically elected president of the Arab Spring’s largest nation and its most prominent success story, by the representatives of what Mr. Obama told the UN last year was a “remarkable year” for democratic progress.

December 16, 2011 08:23

Russia seizes radioactive material en route to Iran

18 pieces of radioactive metal found in luggage of passenger bound for Tehran at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, Russian customs service says; material identified as radioactive isotope of sodium. -Jerusalem Post

December 16, 2011 07:16

Obama trying to weaken Iran sanctions

In another watch what he does not what he says moment, the administration said they were going to impose “crippling sanctions” on Iran but are attempting to thwart the most significant sanction that congress is considering.

December 12, 2011 10:50

Is there a covert war against Iran?

Cyber attacks, explosions and assassinations raise questions about what is happening in Iran.

December 5, 2011 11:26

The Looming Middle East Security Crisis

An international-security train wreck appears imminent. Iran today is able to attack its neighbors and parts of Europe with ballistic missiles. Iran’s missile arsenal is growing both in numbers and sophistication. – NRO

December 2, 2011 10:41

Krauthammer – Obama an “arrogant amateur” on Israeli policies

The audacity of arrogance. “Obama knows it. If he doesn’t he’s delusional. And this is really chutzpa. This president has done more to de-ligitimize and undermine Israel’s position in the world than any other president.”

December 1, 2011 11:55

New Axis of Evil? – China to Protect Iran Even if Result Starts World War III; What’s the Best Way to Deal with Iran?

Here is a video in Chinese, with English subtitles, in which China says it will defend Iran.

November 30, 2011 13:46

France recalls ambassador to Iran – WWIII?

The ministry says in a statement that France was moved to act “in the face of this flagrant and unacceptable violation of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations and the gravity of the violence.” – Yahoo! News

November 30, 2011 05:42

Desperate Middle East Regimes

The fact that a new U.S. oil refinery has not been built since the 1970s is testimony to a massive national failure to anticipate and prepare what is occurring in the Middle East. We are a decade or more behind the curve.