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October 25, 2011 06:14

Porn sex-ed in NY middle schools!

Graphic names for a “variety of solitary and mutual sex acts” will be taught to middle school students under a new program instituted by New York schools. Penny Nance from Concerned Women for America comments on parent objections.

February 2, 2010 07:38

Abstinence Education Effective in Reducing Teen Sex, Comprehensive Sex Ed Not

A new study concludes that abstinence-only education had a significant and long-term effect in reducing teen sexual activity. In contrast, study found that alternative types of sex ed failed. “Safe sex” programs (which promote contraception only) and “comprehensive sex ed” programs (which teach both abstinence and contraceptive use), had no effect on teen sexual behavior. These programs neither reduced teen sex nor did they increase contraceptive use among teens, which is their major emphasis.