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August 23, 2012 08:32

The threat of Sharia is real

Even the most cursory examination of the tenets, teachings and obligations inherent in the comprehensive political-military-legal doctrine of shariah shows it to require adherents to secure its triumph worldwide. Applying the model of Mohammed – who is believed by his co-religionists to be the perfect Muslim – the way this goal is to be achieved is through jihad or holy war. – Canada National Post

April 10, 2012 04:37

Portrait of a Failed “Messiah”

In retrospect, the 2008 election was a masterpiece of the theatrical manipulation of the public’s perception of Obama. He was frequently presented in the context of huge crowds and in ways that portrayed him as “the Messiah” for those seeking an all-wise, all-knowing masterful personality.

August 4, 2010 08:14

Racist roots of Progressives

Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Adolf Hitler all believed in weeding out undesirables in the human race. Similar sentiments have appeared in the writings of Obama friend and terrorist Bill Ayers and Obama science czar John Holdren. The only difference appears to be who decides what ‘undesirables’ are. Could you be next?

July 9, 2010 04:57

After America, There’s No Place to Go – a warning

Kitty Werthmann grew up in Austria, coming of age during the rule of Adolf Hitler. Austrians, she says, caught up in a nationwide economic crisis and civil unrest didn’t welcome a dictator outright, but allowed one to take over their nation little by little, step by step. Kitty shares how Austrians were lulled into accepting the rule of the Third Reich. It’s a story that shouldn’t be lost on today’s American citizens.