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October 30, 2010 21:51

Google CEO says not believing in religion of global warming is criminal

What is really criminal is continuing to push this expensive hoax when the ‘science’ supporting it has been so thoroughly discredited.

March 5, 2010 05:55

“John McCain: Nominee for Best Conservative Actor.” Hayworth ad ticks off McCain

When asked for a response to Kyl’s complaint, Hayworth spokesman Jason Rose told AZ/DC: “We respectfully decline the request and would encourage Senator McCain to get a sense of humor. After all, if Sunday’s show did have an award for best election year flip-flopping and transparent conservative conversion, the incumbent would surely win the Oscar.”

February 11, 2010 05:03

Best-Selling Author, Screenwriter Says ‘Avatar’ Is ‘Anti-American and Anti-Military’

“The leftists are like vampires,” Klavan said. “If you shine the light on them and what they are doing, they do retreat.”