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July 29, 2013 07:00

Financial Regs INCREASED 17.9% BEFORE the Crash

Dodd-Frank will cause a 26 percent increase in financial regulatory restrictions.

April 28, 2010 05:20

The President’s Permanent TARP Bailout Socialism Bill

President Obama’s so-called Financial Regulatory Reform bill institutionalizes permanent TARP bailout authority across the entire financial sector, indeed, for any company that can be deemed involved in financial activity of any sort. Washington is operating today as if we have been conquered by a foreign power that has suspended our democracy and doesn’t care what the American people think.

March 3, 2010 17:24

Economists: Another Financial Crisis on the Way

Even as many Americans still struggle to recover from the country’s worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, another crisis – one that will be even worse than the current one – is looming, according to a new report from a group of leading economists, financiers, and former federal regulators.