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August 2, 2011 05:28

Washington is still playing the game – a “cut” isn’t really a cut

Have the American people wised up to this charade? The “cuts” are really just a tiny bit less spending increase. Government spending has already bankrupted the nation and it appears it cannot be stopped. Because the starting point for cutting is an out of control growth in spending, the “cuts” in the debt deal accomplish almost nothing. They do not deal with the real problem. Senator Dr. Tom Coburn explains to Neil Cavuto.

July 29, 2011 05:35

Rand Paul “I’d Rather Be A Hobbit Than A Troll”

“All the cuts are fictitious or phony because they’re cuts against proposed increases in spending. There are no real cuts.” “Spending under the Boehner plan will go up every year.” Rand Paul explains how the Republican leadership is fooling the American people by redefining what “cuts” are in Washington speak.