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December 16, 2010 07:04

Black Farmer, USDA Employees Prepared to Testify About Fraud in USDA Settlement, Lawmakers Say

An FBI agent also is prepared to testify that he knows of numerous cases where evidence of fraudulent claims was not pursued. The agent believes at least 50 percent of the black farmers’ claims were fraudulent.

December 8, 2010 05:40

Reparations? When Pigford Flies

Redistribution of wealth has been an underlying purpose of this administration and Congress, and one of the most glaring examples has been its welcoming of a series of lawsuits alleging past discrimination by black, Native American, Hispanic and female farmers.

December 6, 2010 09:38

The Pigford Shakedown: How the Black Farmers’ Cause Was Hijacked by Politicians, Trial Lawyers & Community Organizers — Leaving Us With a Billion Dollar Tab

“[Pigford is] the largest scam against the federal taxpayers in the history of the United States.” —USDA Employee John Stringfellow

September 24, 2010 07:52

Bias Settlement Now Reparations Slush Fund

A settled lawsuit intended to pay thousands of dollars to black farmers discriminated against by the federal government is instead being used as a billion-dollar slush fund doling out reparations for slavery.