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February 18, 2013 05:00

Adm. James Lyons (Ret.) on Growing Benghazi Scandal

“Richard Nixon found out what the difference is when you lie to the American public—and in his lie, it was only a bungled burglary attempt; nobody got killed. In this case, we had four Americans murdered. Furthermore, we knew, within a matter of hours, that this was a determined, preplanned terrorist attack. So you have to ask yourself, why perpetuate this lie for almost two weeks?”

February 5, 2013 06:03

Dictatorship? Not a Problem, Say Obama and Hagel

Obama has not installed a dictatorship in the United States, but he has been more than willing to play the role of dictator, at times.

February 5, 2013 05:26

A Cabinet of Dunces

What has been unusual for President Obama’s first term has been the appointment of an entire shadow government of advisors known as his “czars”; people who functioned behind the scenes with unknown levels of power to influence and even determine policy.

January 23, 2013 09:58

Appeaser in Chief Leading to Catastrophe

For those information challenged voters, Neville Chamberlain was the appeaser in chief before World War II. He spoke of “peace in our time” being reached by negotiating with Hitler before Hitler rolled over Europe, bombed England and invaded Africa.

January 22, 2013 08:53

Obama’s World Without America

It would amount to a “fundamental transformation” of America’s place in the world, evidently intended to be the President’s second-act counterpart to the socialist transformation of this country that dominated his first term.

January 16, 2013 06:54

Obama defeats the Israel Lobby – Hagel Popular with Terrorist TV and Russian Propaganda Channel

Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel as Pentagon chief and the sale of Al Gore’s Current TV to Al Jazeera—are coming together in a way that illustrates the role that the foreign propaganda channel can and will play if Congress lets the television deal go through.

May 21, 2012 08:12

Defeat Law of the Sea Treaty – Again

Americans today are in no mood for subordinating U.S. sovereignty, plus seven-tenths of the world’s surface area, to another entangling global bureaucracy, so advocates are using Orwellian talking points to pretend that LOST would do the opposite.