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April 25, 2013 05:30

Tribute to Howard Phillips – Principled Conservative

One of the founders of the modern conservative movement, believed and affirmed traditional moral and religious values, a strong national defense and economic freedom.

August 5, 2010 06:35

Chris Christie: The Scourge of Trenton

“We have not found our footing,” Democratic state senator Loretta Weinberg later said, still reeling from the decisive defeat. “I think a lot of people underestimated Chris Christie.” – NRO

August 2, 2010 10:39 starts online activist training

Virginia (Ginni) Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has launched online activist training for conservations at her web site Liberty

July 26, 2010 04:07

10 Steps to Organizing Your Block

We must be responsible for our own neighborhoods, blocks, and precincts. Understanding who lives around you, targeting them to learn what issues or values they care about, reaching out to them about upcoming events (perhaps a tea party or campaign fundraiser?), and talking to them about candidates you support or issue petitions you’re working on will help you to radically change the makeup of your community and state.

June 20, 2010 13:39

What you can do

Take a little time to search an issue by clicking on MORE in the title bar.Scroll down through the issues and click on one that interests you. The center column will then be all related to that issue. Review and share to be informed about these important issues. Print to handout out in your neighborhood. Email to friends, post on your Face Book page, fax or mail to your legislators. Hold a ‘tea’ party in your home with friends and discuss these issues. Have copies available or watch the videos. We all must get involved. Every one can make a difference.

June 16, 2010 05:27

Pastor tests IRS by endorsing candidate – Hopes to undo tax code rule

A South Dakota minister says he wants to do for religious freedom what the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. did for civil rights.

May 11, 2010 19:44

Help spread the word! Tell 5 friends about

We have faith in the American people. If they have the truth they will make the right choices. That is why Obama and the socialists are working so hard to discredit, disparage and silence anyone who exposes the truth. YOU must help!

April 14, 2010 03:30

Tea Party Tool Box

Free copies of booklets that present in plain English what needs to be done to reform health care, state budgets, schools, environmental policy, and more. You can read these booklets online, download, them, or ask for free copies.

April 3, 2010 09:14

Tools for Activists – get informed

The following links can help you do research and know the truth

February 16, 2010 19:49

Nation’s Top Conservatives Will Sign Philosophical Declaration of War against Big Government

The statement emphatically says no to the type of “change” pushed by political leaders who ignore the Constitution’s limits on government power.