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December 10, 2010 06:50

Climate Change Not a Political Issue Anymore Except For Mainstream Media

Most of the public realizes the global warming and climate change due to human produced CO2 deception is over. Everyday more evidence both scientific and political events cause more people to change their view.

October 18, 2010 12:12

Corrupted Climate Science Exploited Basic Human Realities

Two major factors explain how the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) people got away with massive deception.

August 31, 2010 04:52

IPCC and CRU Rewrite Facts But Can’t Rewrite History

“We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period…” It showed the 20th century was not the warmest temperatures ever and triggered the email Professor Deming received from a CRU member saying, “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.” It appears Michael Mann’s research with the complicity of others was designed to achieve that goal.

June 10, 2010 05:03

Climate Science and the IPCC Fail Legal Cross Examination

“Policy carrying potential costs in the trillions of dollars ought not to be based on stories and photos confirming faith in models, but rather on precise and replicable testing of the models’ predictions against solid observational data.”

February 17, 2010 05:43

CRU chief: Hey, why don’t bloggers disprove AGW instead of criticizing us?

Well, let’s see — could it be because we’re not the people advancing extraordinary claims about man-made influence on global weather patterns? This must be some new, previously unknown tenet of the Scientific Method, wherein people who point out errors, bias, bad process, and unsubstantiated claims from scientists are somehow required to disprove their unsupported hypotheses.

February 14, 2010 13:55

Climategate’s Phil Jones Confesses to Climate Fraud

the level of deception perpetrated by Jones and his co-conspirators at the Climatic Research Unit will likely remain the yardstick by which climate fraud is measured for years to come….
…And always remembered as the beginning of the end of the international AGW hoax.