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December 10, 2012 07:36

Answering Liberals’ ‘Gotcha’ Questions

Thus, as a public service to conservative Christians everywhere, but especially to those running for public office, this column is a primer for how to answer those “gotcha” questions that any candidate opposing a liberal will inevitably have to answer.

December 29, 2010 05:43

Remembering the ‘hope’

November 2008 is where it all began. Peter Hitchens had a British insight into what it it meant to to the world to elect Obama.Where now is our last best hope on Earth?

November 22, 2010 06:04

Liberty-Loving Latinos Outshine Loud-Mouthed Leftist Latinos

Hispanics owe a debt of gratitude to African Americans. They, more than any group, have shown us what allegiance to the Democratic Party can bring: the disintegration of the African American family, the targeting of black mothers for abortions by left-wing groups like Planned Parenthood, the lowering of the bar for African American students in state-sponsored schools.

September 3, 2010 06:31

Liberals Losing the Culture Wars

For decades, liberals won the culture wars and, consequently most of the elections that reshaped America. More than politics is changing in this crossroads year of 2010—Americans are reasserting traditional culture. You won’t read or see it in the mainstream media, but this fact is driving the political story.

August 16, 2010 08:40

Worldview revolution – which side are you on?

Excerpt from Brannon Howse speaking in a talk entitled “The Proof That The Revolution Taking Place in America is a Worldview Revolution” on 11 July, 2010.

August 13, 2010 02:39

Sears selling porn?

Kmart bought Sears. Kmart sold porn through its Waldenbooks chain in the 90’s and faced pickets and boycotts from the American Family Association. In 2004 Kmart bought Sears and apparently Kmart’s porn friendly management came with the deal. Sears is now offering wall posters of nudes, group sex and other great ‘family’ decor.

June 2, 2010 05:03

There’s a New Culture War & We’re Losing It

The new culture war in America is not over guns, gay marriage or abortion, but instead between a socialist redistributionist minority (the 30% coalition) and a massive free-enterprise, work-ethic, opportunity-oriented majority (the 70% majority.)