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August 29, 2012 05:11

Romney Right on Culture

[I]t is America’s culture that enabled the nation to become and remain the most powerful and beneficent country in the history of humankind.

May 26, 2011 10:12

The Sad Consequences of “Shacking Up”

“one of the most dangerous places for a child in America to find himself is in a home that includes an unrelated male boyfriend — especially when that boyfriend is left to care for a child by himself.”

January 31, 2011 05:38

More Tragic Results of Progressive ‘Values’

Thomas Jefferson said, “The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the only legitimate object of good government.”

November 22, 2010 06:04

Liberty-Loving Latinos Outshine Loud-Mouthed Leftist Latinos

Hispanics owe a debt of gratitude to African Americans. They, more than any group, have shown us what allegiance to the Democratic Party can bring: the disintegration of the African American family, the targeting of black mothers for abortions by left-wing groups like Planned Parenthood, the lowering of the bar for African American students in state-sponsored schools.

October 24, 2010 16:02

America Is Gone

There is a whiff of anarchy in the air this morning. As I sit here writing, a conservative victory in the midterm elections looms. But I find no reason to be optimistic. The midterm elections will solve nothing.

September 21, 2010 04:07

In New York, A Celebration That Gives Cause to Weep

the ACLU agenda hasn’t swerved one iota from Baldwin’s original blueprint for social anarchy – an agenda that aspires to, among other things: unrestricted access to unmonitored hard core pornography for all ages … the elimination of even the most basic codes of military conduct … the abolition of Christianity and Orthodox Judaism from every aspect of public education and every corner of the public square …the killing of preborn children … and, of course, the supreme elevation of the legal demands of those who practice homosexual behavior, including same-sex “marriage.”

September 7, 2010 05:55

Why the Right Fears Transforming America

The giveaway regarding presidential candidate Barack Obama’s plans for America was his repeated use of the words “fundamentally transform.”

August 16, 2010 08:40

Worldview revolution – which side are you on?

Excerpt from Brannon Howse speaking in a talk entitled “The Proof That The Revolution Taking Place in America is a Worldview Revolution” on 11 July, 2010.

August 13, 2010 02:39

Sears selling porn?

Kmart bought Sears. Kmart sold porn through its Waldenbooks chain in the 90’s and faced pickets and boycotts from the American Family Association. In 2004 Kmart bought Sears and apparently Kmart’s porn friendly management came with the deal. Sears is now offering wall posters of nudes, group sex and other great ‘family’ decor.

May 20, 2010 19:54

Texas Man Cancels Progressive Insurance Policy over Promotion of Homosexuality

Progressive Insurance: It may appear that I am merely one man … but my message resonates within the hearts and minds of millions, upon millions, of Americans who firmly believe what I believe. For every ONE GLBT member that you support, there are FOUR HUNDRED more of us, standing together, in opposition. I have passed this information to every member of my family, church group, and contact list. You will be receiving many more cancellation letters shortly. FULL STORY at […]