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August 5, 2010 08:58

Justice Department steers money to favored groups

In another outright theft action, the Obama Department of Injustice is doling out money to leftists groups that help promote the Obama agenda. Byron York at Washington Examiner has the story.

July 16, 2010 15:20

Dept. of InJustice gets new leftist look on web site

Suggestions to highlight quotes from the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights or quotes from the Founders, the Federalist Papers or prominent American jurists were quickly shot down by the Department of Justice’s media and new media teams, according to DOJ sources familiar with the design process, and the White House communications shop was given input to the overall design as well.

July 16, 2010 08:17

There Really Is a Racist Scandal at the Justice Department

By former FEC Commissioner Hans A. von Spakovsky: “I can confirm a number of facts stated by Mr. Adams in his testimony before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights about the voter intimidation lawsuit filed against the New Black Panther Party and several individual defendants.”

July 15, 2010 04:06

NAACP tied to Panthers in DOJ case – when will this case be dismissed?

Turns out to be direct ties between NAACP and the New Black Panther case at the Department of Injustice.