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May 4, 2011 05:26

Panetta admits Bush’s “enhanced interrogation” worked

CIA director Leon Panetta admitted that waterboarding of GITMO detainees helped the US find and kill Osama bin Laden. Labeling waterboarding as “torture”, Democrats and the left attacked George W. Bush and gave fuel to enemy propaganda about the treatment of prisoners.

May 3, 2011 05:42

It Was Waterboarding That Led Us To Bin Laden

Rep. Pete King explains to Bill O’Reilly how key information to find Osama was obtained through “enhanced interrogation” technique of waterboarding.

March 5, 2010 06:57

Meet the DOJ Lawyers Who Defended Terrorist Detainees

As the controversy heats up over the DOJ lawyers who once represented, or advocated on behalf of, al Qaeda and Taliban members, it is worth taking a quick look at their body of work.