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October 11, 2010 03:47

Obama cranks up Alinsky methods against Rove and Chamber of Commerce

President Obama accused Karl Rove and the US Chamber of breaking election laws. Obama taught Alinsky methods as a community organizer and seem to be using rule 13 ‘Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.’

August 17, 2010 05:15

Republican advocacy group announces ’emergency intervention’ plan for government

The goup founded by Ed Gillespie, the former Republican National Committee chairman who later served as White House counselor, and Karl Rove the architect of the Bush presidency, kicks off its ‘7 in ’11’ plan.

June 2, 2010 04:32

National Republicans wait to help New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in high-stakes showdown with unions

“The teachers’ unions are trying to send a signal to all fiscal conservatives that it’s not worth it to try to tackle legacy costs that are bankrupting states and the Federal Government,” Gillespie said in an interview. “Conservatives around the country should be rallying to his defense and supporting those who are supporting him.”