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November 9, 2011 09:10

DeMint reveals concerns with Amb. Aponte, a controversial Obama appointment

Mari Carmen Aponte had a controversial relationship with a suspected Cuban spy and a provocative op-ed on gay rights that sparked a backlash in El Salvador and throughout Latin America. Ms. Aponte has twice failed to win approval from the U.S. Senate, but was recess appointed by President Obama.

August 30, 2011 04:35

Labor Secretary makes deals with foreign nations to protect illegals in US

Hilda Solis has made deals with Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Dominican Republic that “removes” the fear of deportation of illegals.

March 31, 2011 04:53

Obama Promises El Salvador New Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

At least on the amnesty part he did say that he “vowed” to push the U. S. Congress to pass an immigration bill to aid El Salvador according to the Washington Times Kara Rowland on March 22, 2011 from San Salvador, El Salvador.

November 2, 2010 06:26

California’s Slap At Our Drug-Fighting Allies

Leaders of Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and other drug-battered nations held a one-day summit in Cartagena, Colombia, to send the message that Prop. 19 will hurt them.

August 24, 2010 04:25

Meet Our New Radical Ambassador to El Salvador: Maria del Carmen Aponte

We have a former board member of a radical Communist organization that admits ties to Cuban officials but not to Cuban intelligence officials going to represent the United States in the Powder Keg of Central America where half the countries basically swear allegiance to Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez pays homage to Fidel Castro, his mentor,every chance he gets. Any tie to Castro is a direct line to Hugo Chavez. He has been buying up more tanks jet fighters and weapons then he can afford from Russia and China and in addition to his Socialist Empire has significant ties to Iran and various South American and Islamic terrorist organizations. Hugo Chavez has brought a defacto Cold War to Central & South America in his pursuit of a Socialist Empire and I fear this ambassadorial pick will play right into his hands.

June 11, 2010 06:08

Mexico’s Drug War Spreads to Central American Neighbors

During the past two years there have been increasing signs that drug-trafficking gangs from Mexico have infiltrated Guatemala, as well as Honduras and El Salvador, recruiting operatives and establishing smuggling routes.