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September 15, 2011 08:59

British MEP says this is the end

“Its not just the European assumptions that are crumbling its the whole Keyensian edifice on which they rest. All those men who think think of themselves as practical but are in fact slaves to some long defunct economist are now finding that their belief system is in ruins. You cannot spend your way to growth. You cannot increase consumption without producing something at least not in the long term. and you cannot debase a currency without consequences and you cannot keep borrowing forever. And if you try to do those things what happens? You are about to find out.” – Daniel Hannan MEP for southeast England

August 12, 2011 06:06

From Riches to Riots

.. this is no chance event. England is a socialist state, like most mature, aging western nations. It is a toad in search of a tire…a “bug in search of a windshield,” as John Mauldin puts it. As such, it is a breeding ground for ne’re-do-wells, grifters, layabouts, leeches, social parasites and welfare recipients of all stripes. These individuals, guided by the blinding force of mob mentality, are simply doing what the state conditioned them to do: They are trying to get something for nothing.

August 17, 2010 06:28

Bank of England Governor warns that Britons face higher inflation for longer

Inflation’s persistently high level has already prompted Andrew Sentance, one of the nine people who decide the cost of borrowing at the Bank, to start voting for higher interest rates. The minutes of the Bank’s latest meeting are due tomorrow and traders will be keen to see if anyone has joined Mr Sentance.