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October 10, 2011 05:06

Leapfrogging the Constitution

When the people are ready to learn about freedom and what made this nation great, they will see that freedom is more important than allegiance to political party.

June 29, 2010 15:21

Class action lawsuit against Crist for campaign refunds

The lawsuit quotes Crist telling Fox News political news reporter Greta Van Susteren on March 9 that saying one thing and doing another is “perpetrating a fraud on people. … That’s not right. That’s not being honest and straightforward with the voters.”

April 29, 2010 03:52

The Tea Party claims a serious scalp

The Tea Party movement is on the verge of claiming its first major scalp, opting for conservative purity rather than the certainty of Republican victory. And a very well coiffured, silver scalp it is too, belonging to Florida’s Governor Charlie Crist.

April 28, 2010 16:06

Crist gambles it all on independent run

Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist has decided he will run as an independent in the race to fill the Florida U.S. Senate seat, Crist allies tell Fox News. The official announcement is scheduled for Thursday at 5pm ET in St. Petersburg, Florida.

March 29, 2010 03:45

Marco Rubio controls debate with Crist on Fox

Do you want a candidate that would have stood up to Barack Obama, voted against the stimulus and supported something that would have cost less money and created more jobs?” said Rubio. “If that’s the candidate you want, that would be me. Or do you want the next Republican senator from Florida to be someone who would have voted with the Democrats for the stimulus package, and that candidate would be Gov. Crist?”

March 14, 2010 14:42

The Conscience of a Florida Conservative – Marco Rubio

The would-be senator on his own political rise and how the Republican Party can show it deserves to govern again.