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January 24, 2013 05:19

25 Years of Global Recession to Correct Spending Binge

The contraction phase of not having anything backing this inflated wealth will take 25 years of contracting to get back to sustainable levels.

October 16, 2012 10:25

The Fed is ruining YOUR economy

By keeping real interest rates negative the Federal Reserve is destroying the value of your money and raising the costs of everything. Economist Marc Faber explains the dire consequences on the global horizon.

August 1, 2012 06:09

Global economy in recession – Japan sinking

It should be very clear now that the global economy in aggregate is back in recession, … there has been scant attention to this possibility in media reports.

March 26, 2012 04:12

What Would the World be like without Cash or with one Currency

The idea of a digital money society or a one-world currency may capture sound bites on TV and the imagination of liberals and conservatives alike, especially when running for political office, but it opens a new Pandora’s box of ills that most countries are not yet equipped to resolve.

February 3, 2012 09:02

The United Nations Wants To Crash The World Economy In Order To Save The Environment

If the United Nations actually succeeded in implementing this agenda worldwide, it would crash the global economy and it would be the end of national sovereignty. Unfortunately, many of those that are promoting this agenda are absolute fanatics about it because they are convinced that they are saving the planet.

December 18, 2011 19:55

Chart of The Day: The Currency Collapse After A Euro Breakup

All these downgrades and rating warnings are not only putting further pressure on the debt crisis now going on for 2+ year, but is also sharpening the picture of a possible breakup of the Euro Zone.

May 25, 2011 04:10

Gold and Dollar Pop on Euro Debt Crisis

85% of international investors recently surveyed by Bloomberg said Greece will probably default, with smaller majorities predicting Portugal and Ireland will do the same.

March 30, 2011 08:53

Is Soros’s One World Currency a Leftist Plot?

[T]he one-world conspiracy goes back at least 100 years in its modern incarnation and probably longer. Soros hasn’t been alive that long. He’s a Johnny-Come-Lately relatively speaking.

March 15, 2010 06:00

Obama’s ‘reset’ foreign policy plan gets F for FAIL

“I’ll be honest with you. This is just really hard.” -Obama