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August 16, 2010 05:53

Obama uses his daughter, 9, to promote tourism with swim in Gulf of Mexico… where they stayed just 26 hours

President Barack Obama’s latest beach moment might yet come back to haunt him after he enlisted his youngest daughter for a publicity stunt. In an attempt to show the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, despite the massive BP oil spill, were safe he took the plunge with youngest daughter Sasha in a very carefully controlled photo opportunity. Problem is it wasn’t in the Gulf it was in Alligator Bay which is in St. Andrews Bay.

July 6, 2010 05:00

Texas Gets Tarred: BP Spill Now Hitting All Gulf States

TEXAS CITY, Texas — More than two months after oil gushing from a blown-out well on the ocean floor first reached Louisiana, the relentless spread of crude has now washed up on every Gulf state after a bucket’s worth of tar balls hit a Texas beach.

June 23, 2010 03:54

Obama’s Gulf Oil Spill Commission and the Missing Experts – agenda to pass cap and trade?

Instead of an oil spill commission staffed with experts, as promised in his Oval Office address, the president has announced a panel with membership that reads like a Who’s Who of radical environmentalism.

June 17, 2010 06:08

New RNC Ad Highlights Obama’s Disastrous Response to America’s Worst Environmental Disaster

Two vacations, a half dozen parties, and several rounds of golf later, Barack Obama finally addressed the nation on the BP oil spill this Tuesday.
He’s had more important things to do.

June 1, 2010 04:44

Offshore drilling ban could be a blow to Louisiana economy

“It’s bad enough that we have an oil spill to deal with and the fishermen can’t work. Now they’re going to take away the oil industry, and we’ll have nothing, ” said Chett Chiasson, executive director for the Greater Lafourche Port Commission, which runs Port Fourchon, the launching point for 90 percent of the deepwater activities in the Gulf of Mexico.

May 7, 2010 07:18

Drill, Baby, Still – US still supports offshore drilling

Preliminary results of an IBD/TIPP Poll of 795 U.S. adults, taken from April 30 to May 5, show that a large majority — 59% — approve of “oil exploration and drilling in America’s national territorial waters.” Just 31% said they disapprove.

April 2, 2010 03:15

Stall, Baby, Stall [Sarah Palin]

Behind the rhetoric lie new drilling bans and leasing delays; soon to follow are burdensome new environmental regulations. Instead of “drill, baby, drill,” the more you look into this the more you realize it’s “stall, baby, stall.”

March 31, 2010 03:56

Obama to allow oil drilling off Virginia coast

In a reversal of a long-standing ban on most offshore drilling, President Barack Obama is allowing oil drilling 50 miles off Virginia’s shorelines. At the same time, he is rejecting some new drilling sites that had been planned in Alaska.

February 17, 2010 03:00

Oil-and-gas drilling bans will cut GDP by $2.36 trillion

This should provide some ammo for industry groups pushing the White House to allow wider drilling: A new report says U.S. oil-and-gas drilling bans will increase consumer energy costs and decrease cumulative U.S. GDP by $2.36 trillion over the next two decades
That’s an average annual GDP drop of roughly a half a percent.