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May 2, 2012 07:49

The Triumph of Obama’s Ideology Over Law

With each passing day it becomes more apparent that President Obama has little respect for the intelligence of his ideological opponents. If you don’t agree with him, he assumes it is because you “don’t understand the issue.” In other words, you are ignorant, or misinformed, or both.

October 4, 2011 07:38

“The Truth is In Here”

To a liberal or a socialist, if you disagree with them, you ARE a terrorist. They feel it to be an act of injustice — even an act of force — to suggest that none of their views conform with reality, with facts, or rationality. This is why liberal socialists are the political equivalent of borderline personalities.

November 12, 2010 07:46

Dems extol facts and science but act on ideology

– Byron York on the left’s propaganda science

February 11, 2010 12:00

Dumb and Dumber? What Are College Kids Learning About Our Country?

If college graduates aren’t learning about concrete aspects of the American republic, what else might they be picking-up “civics-wise” while on campus? As you might suspect, the Academy’s liberalism has not been value-neutral.