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February 10, 2013 17:13

Judd to be First Female Senator From Tennessee – oops – Kentucky, Whatever

Hollywood has gone to her radical leftist, Obama loving head as Ashley Judd mulls a race for the senate against Mitch McConnell. Rand Paul says she lives half the year in Scotland, she has called Tennessee “home” and loves Obama and Obamacare both wildly unpopular in Kentucky.

August 16, 2010 04:19

Rand Paul: Keep EPA out of Ky. affairs

Paul claimed Obama “cares nothing about Kentucky and cares even less about Kentucky coal.”

August 9, 2010 13:25

Conway infiltrator tries to paint Rand Paul supporters as racist

The idea of infiltrating a group as a supporter to tarnish the image of the group was an early tool of Saul Alinsky. Here a Jack Conway supporter appears to have been caught in the act while trying to frame the Rand Paul camp as racist.