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August 17, 2010 07:49

Media Miss Cartels’ War In U.S.

Los Angeles and its suburbs are in grave danger of becoming outposts for Mexican drug- and immigrant-smuggling cartels, according to local law enforcement officials. “We have detected the Gulf cartel and Los Zetas,” Alvin Jackson, head of the Narcotics Division of the L.A. Police Department, said in a recent interview. “They are operating on a middle and street level.”

June 25, 2010 05:47

California town collapses under 40% illegal population

Boasting a population that is 97% Hispanic, more than half foreign born, and 40% illegal, the Los Angeles County, Calif., incorporated city of Maywood has achieved the Reconquista goal. It is now as lawless and chaotic as any place in Mexico. Maywood is a warning to every city and town in America.