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April 18, 2012 09:33

Obama lapdog Soros funded Media Matters seeks to undermine Christianity

In its founding documents Media Matters targets Christianity and business. No surprise from the Christophobes on the left. Media Matters has received funding from billionaire anti-American George Soros and praise from self proclaimed “progressive” Hillary Clinton. They are influential in Democrat talking points for the adoring Obama press especially the National Barack channel (NBC) and MSNBC.

March 30, 2012 05:21

Can Justice Survive Media Lynch Mob?

The story went from being a tragic, local homicide of a black teenager, an event that happens far too often across this country, to a national cause célèbre, led by the MSNBC lineup, the Occupy Wall Streeters, the New Black Panthers, and the family of Trayvon Martin.

March 13, 2012 03:46

Washington Post Continues Kaplan Cover-up

Kaplan “has provided the handsome profits that have helped to cover this newspaper’s operating losses,” admitted Post reporter Steven Pearlstein. “Although we in the Post newsroom have nothing to do with Kaplan, we’ve all benefited from its financial success.”

February 22, 2012 08:57

It’s Time to Hold Obama Administration Accountable

These are just a few of many examples of phony and misleading claims by the White House that are beginning to be challenged by the mainstream media, but which still are not getting nearly the attention they deserve. Fact checking should be a process reflected in every article or story. The problem is that these stories don’t have any traction in the broadcast media, and thus, are largely ignored.

December 28, 2011 05:55

Media Whips Up Phony Iowa Primary Frenzy

Even those who do not identify themselves as Tea Party patriots will play an important role in the 2012 elections. Their power is revealed in the Democratic Party’s announcement that it will not seek votes from white, middle class working people, but concentrate instead on those on the government dole, union members, and those who want the status quo.