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July 11, 2011 06:19

Sen. Mitch McConnell Slams Obama’s Irresponsible Kentucky Terror Trials

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Barack Obama’s terror trial lunacy. Obama will bring 2 terrorists to court in Kentucky courts whose finger prints were found on IED’s in Iraq. McConnell points out that these terrorists are not citizens and fall under the law passed just three years ago to deal with enemy combatants.

January 21, 2011 05:26

US to begin Military trials at Guantanamo

Elections matter. The Obama administration must be feeling the heat as they backtrack on Holder’s promise to use the federal courts for terrorists. Wouldn’t want to lose any more cases with the election coming up.

November 19, 2010 08:13

‘Apalling’ comment from White House on terror trial – Bolton

Former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton on the administration’s spin about losing 283 of 284 counts against the terrorist in the civilian trial. “Sends a terrible signal of American weakness throughout the world to all the would be terrorists out there”

November 19, 2010 05:15

The Verdict on Holder

Unlawful enemy combatants captured on the battlefield deserve to be held in Guantanamo and tried in military commissions. And if Mr. Holder can’t tell the difference, he should find a new job.-WSJ

April 20, 2010 04:32

Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese says courts wrong on military trials

“In four major cases, the Supreme Court has involved itself in the conduct of this war in what has been a change in terms of the constitutional history and the traditions of the country.” -Att. Ge. Ed Meese

April 15, 2010 05:32

Holder: 9/11 Terrorists May Still Be Tried in New York

Attorney General Eric Holder told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that the Obama administration had not ruled out trying Khalid Sheik Mohammed and the 9/11 conspirators in a civilian court in New York, saying the city where the attacks took place was “not off the table”.

March 5, 2010 05:10

Obama advisers set to recommend military tribunals for alleged 9/11 plotters

The president’s advisers feel increasingly hemmed in by bipartisan opposition to a federal trial in New York and demands, mainly from Republicans, that Mohammed and his accused co-conspirators remain under military jurisdiction, officials said.

February 2, 2010 08:39

The Case for Military Tribunals

Battleground conditions do not translate to federal criminal rules. There are no evidence bags stored in the foxhole to preserve the chain of custody. Any effort by a trial judge to force the terrorist’s foot into our constitutionally honed Cinderella shoe threatens valued protections that have been enlarged over two centuries of Supreme Court review, most since World War II. At the same time, a policy that includes the possibility of a civilian trial for any terrorist controls our treatment of all terrorists, thereby crippling our ability to obtain needed intelligence.