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December 10, 2010 14:50

Obama’s Emerging Enabling Act

In Germany, the Enabling Act allowed Hitler to virtually nationalize key industries – in fact, the whole German economy – allowing owners to “own” them but compelling them to take orders and conform to the government’s statist priorities. What is the difference then and now? Only the venue and the language.

July 12, 2010 17:18

Have we gone too far down the road of nationalization?

Car industry, school loans, oil industry, financial industry, health care industry, what’s next? Is there anything left? The media? The internet? They are pushing in those areas too!

July 9, 2010 04:57

After America, There’s No Place to Go – a warning

Kitty Werthmann grew up in Austria, coming of age during the rule of Adolf Hitler. Austrians, she says, caught up in a nationwide economic crisis and civil unrest didn’t welcome a dictator outright, but allowed one to take over their nation little by little, step by step. Kitty shares how Austrians were lulled into accepting the rule of the Third Reich. It’s a story that shouldn’t be lost on today’s American citizens.

May 7, 2010 06:26

Chavez socialism spreads in South America – Bolivia Nationalizes Power Companies

Venezuela experienced frequent power outages after nationalizing its power companies From Bolivian President Evo Morales announced Saturday that he is nationalizing several private electricity companies. Officials had said that police had moved into the offices of at least three power companies, including the British-run company Guaracachi, and Corani, which is controlled by a subsidiary of France’s GDF Suez. The Reuters news agency quoted a police official who said officers were enforcing a presidential decree nationalizing the companies. President Morales […]