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March 29, 2013 05:46

Growing Risk of NK Attack – The 3 AM Call?

Tuesday [] it had put all of its artillery and rocket forces on the highest state of wartime alert, including those units “assigned to strike U.S. imperialist aggressor bases on the U.S. mainland and on Hawaii and Guam and other operational zones in the Pacific, as well as all enemy targets in South Korea.”

January 17, 2011 09:17

Chinese-North Korean Axis Heightening Need for U.S. Missile Defense Shield

“Reagan said it was inherently more moral to prevent an attack than to retaliate for one. After all, we’ve already got swords. Why not have shields too?”

January 11, 2011 08:27

North Korea Will Have ICBMs Within 5 Years! Defense Sec Robert Gates

As China’s puppet it is not hard to figure where they are getting the technology for ICBM’s. China is using North Korea as its surrogate to embroil the US without seeming to be involved. The critical missile guidance technology was released to China by the Clinton administration possibly in return for so much campaign help. Now it can make its way into Iran via North Korea.