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September 24, 2012 06:28

The Great Media Noise Machine

The truly important thing to understand about the media is that it is a distraction, a noise machine that spins constantly to block the message. It is a filter between Romney and the public. Rather than fighting the filter, it is best to ignore it as much as possible.

September 13, 2012 08:38

Mr. President, Mitt Romney Is Not the Enemy – Al Qaeda is, Please inform your Ministry of Truth

The media line up to get their marching orders from the Obama Ministry of Truth and suddenly it’s Gospel: the problem is not al Qaeda. – American Spectator

September 13, 2012 04:56

Ignoring Anti Right Hate

These networks are aiding and abetting liberal violence by refusing to identify it as liberal violence. Whether it’s vandalism at Chick-fil-A or rapes in Occupy Wall Street camps, these networks simply cannot find “news” in liberal violence of any kind.

August 24, 2012 04:20

Misunderstanding McCarthyism – why they won’t say communist

The burden of proof is on Barack Obama to prove that his communist connections, which continued from his growing-up years in Hawaii to college to Chicago, were the result of innocence or naïveté.

May 8, 2012 04:22

Fox News Won’t Fire Black Racist Commentator

“Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck and other Fox News personalities have been vilified in the mainstream media and threatened in their personal lives for exposing ACORN. It is an insult to them and average Americans to have a former ACORN insider using Fox News to espouse her liberal bias.”

April 27, 2012 04:01

53 seconds that should end a presidency

Obamamedia drools over the “cool” pres jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon but seems to ignore his history of gaffes, bumbles and just plain stupid.

April 26, 2012 07:31

Will the Media Carry Obama to Victory in November?

“reporters who write tough stories are hit pretty hard by insiders in the administration. Therefore, they run the risk of being cut off. This is an administration that knows very well how to work the press, and reward those who they like by giving them leaks and inside information—naturally, spun the way they want it to be spun in hopes of getting out the story out that they want to get out.”

April 20, 2012 06:33

Barack Obama vs. American Values

Video study on how mainstream press follows President Obama’s talking points. Four more years of this insanity?

April 4, 2012 12:28

Washington Post and CBS Receive Nearly $2 Million In ObamaCare Taxpayer Subsidies

“When NBC used to cover energy issues, they identified themselves as a subsidiary of General Electric. CBS and Washington Post just have to disclose that they are subsidiaries of the Obama Administration.” – Daily Caller