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February 11, 2013 06:32

The Cuts That Really Weren’t

“[M]any of their “cuts” cut nothing at all.” The illusion of big “cuts” shows why there is little hope for saving America from the thieving politicians that continue ever increasing spending to fund their own power and wealth.

July 23, 2012 06:31

Obama’s Big Government’s Best Friends: Nontaxpayers

A tax-cut-oriented simplification of the IRS code — so urgently needed today — will soon be politically impossible because of so many millions off the income-tax rolls, an increasing number of them middle-class. – IBD

September 20, 2011 13:41

Is this the other Obama? Which one is the imposter?

“So, this is how we can reduce spending” ROFL “by scouring the budget for every dime of waste and inefficiency” like stimulus, Solyndra and GM? “by reforming government spending” oh you meant INCREASING it “and by making modest adjustments to Medicare and Medicaid.” Is that what you call Obamacare? Or is that the no cuts in THIS campaign?