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November 28, 2011 07:22

Occupy Misogyny

[H]ow many more women will be raped and assaulted before this disillusioned, anti-woman movement is wiped out?

November 22, 2011 14:22

Obama: The Occupier in Chief

Obama was a professional “community organizer,” so it is little surprise that he identifies with the Occupy mobs. (Obama, himself. declared that he is “on their side.”) Thus, it is also little surprise that the disorganization, incoherence, and general immaturity that mars the Occupy movement also aptly describes the Obama administration.

November 10, 2011 22:33

Man Shot Dead Near Occupy Oakland Camp

Marxist occupiers continue violence with rap, beatings and now murder.

November 5, 2011 14:02

Obama’s occupiers turn violent – attack conservative group

Obama, Pelosi, the Communist Party, Nazi Party, Ayatollah Khamenei, Van Jones, SEIU and Hugo Chavez have all expressed support for these protests.