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May 2, 2013 06:04

Let My Energy Go! Obama Depresses Economy With Green Agenda

More than any other in history, the Obama administration is using its executive powers to delay, obstruct, hyper-regulate, penalize and bankrupt the proven energy that is the foundation of modern living standards.

February 7, 2013 05:26

Obama has forgotten all about your pain at the pump!

We would really be in trouble if US GDP was over 2%! How about if unemployment was below 7% or banks were actually lending to small businesses?

January 7, 2013 12:07

The New Robber Barons and Their Thief in Chief

The new robber barons in the Executive Branch and Congress are not content only with taxing job creators and saddling our children and great grandchildren with trillion-dollar IOUs. They are using hard-earned tax money to finance wind, solar, biofuel and other schemes that primarily reward crony capitalist campaign contributors.

December 20, 2012 10:06

Gasoline & Oil Markets Rigged Far Worse Than Libor

It is about time the CFTC get its act together, and start going after the culprits who rig the oil and gasoline markets costing consumers and businesses a mafia tax …

October 25, 2012 08:23

Perverse environmentalist oil ethics

It’s time to apply the same legal, ethical and credibility standards to these “socially responsible” outfits that they insist on applying to the corporations they denounce. Keep that in mind the next time you see EPA, Greenpeace, Co-operative Bank or anyone else taking pot shots at oil sands or Keystone.

October 19, 2012 05:08

Winners and losers energy policies – guess which one is Obama’s

Obama continues to waste billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize unreliable, unsustainable, inefficient, insufficient energy forms .. – even as 80% of Department of Energy grants and loans went to companies owned or controlled by Obama contributors;

September 27, 2012 08:04

Gas prices, money printing and politics

The likely eventual consequence of this unlimited money printing operation – Dollar debase and the artificial price inflation of almost everything from commodities (including Oil and Gasoline) to stocks, and consumers end up paying the price.

September 17, 2012 07:21

Obama’s high gas price policies ignored by Obamedia

The media is “in the tank ” for Obama. Administration policies are directly responsible for our continued dependence on terrorist supporting Middle East oil. Blocking the Keystone pipeline, limiting oil exploration on federal lands and offshore, using the EPA to attack the oil industry, kill the coal industry and stop new technology in oil and gas production in the US, Obama pushes up oil, gas and electric rates as he promised. More …

September 11, 2012 05:26

You Lie! Interior Secretary Salazar Tells Energy Whoppers at Convention

Salazar claimed that Obama energy policies were responsible for reduced oil imports, for record natural gas production, for American auto manufacturers making cars that ‘Americans want to buy,’ and for creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in the renewable sector. But the facts are not on Secretary Salazar’s side.

September 4, 2012 09:11

Strategic Petroleum Reserves: The New Monetary Tool?

If the ECB is going to target an interest rate for Spanish Bond Yields on the 10=Year why not set actual targets for Oil as well.