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May 15, 2012 09:48

Chameleon Nation – Are we running out of minorities?

Do Attorney General Eric Holder’s children qualify? Do 1/32 (one great-great-great grandparent) or 1/16 (one great-great grandparent) Cherokees receive preferential treatment? And if so, who administers this odious Jim Crow one-drop DNA test, and how? –

April 15, 2012 15:01

Michelle Obama’s Inner Demons

She views life and America through a prism of segregative bias based on her own inner demons. – The Daily Rant

April 15, 2012 14:22

Interview with Deneen Borelli—Author of Blacklash

In the book, Borelli exposes the Left’s attempt to silence black conservatives who are battling against the Obama administration’s goal of expanding the government and increasing the number of people dependent on the welfare state.

April 11, 2012 04:50

The Mythology of Diversity and Mismatch Effect

The failure of this [affirmative action] strategy may very well backfire when the Supreme Court considers the Fisher case. The justices will be presented with several years’ worth of well-researched, richly-documented studies explicating the mismatch effect–with little or nothing from the other side of the matter beyond thinly-concealed allegations of racism.