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October 23, 2012 06:18

Krauthammer: “Unequivocal that Romney won”

“Romney went large, Obama went very very small, shockingly small.” … “The high point of that debate for Romney is when he devastatingly leveled the charge of Obama going around the world on an apology tour.” .. “Romney said we do not dictate to other nations we liberate them.”

October 10, 2012 09:58

Has Obama Already Lost Or Did He Quit?

Obama’s problem is reality. He has his own reality which cannot stand up to facts. Facts to Obama are like kryptonite to Superman — lethal! … Romney will use facts to penetrate Obama’s myths and slogans. Facts are lethal to fantasy.

October 4, 2012 06:06

Krauthammer: Romney won “by two touchdowns” – plus highlights

Romney walked away with it. He exposed Obamacare as a cost raising job killer, Obama’s broken promise (lies) about deficit reduction, Obama’s green waste of billions on failed companies, clearly explained his tax plan, and schooled Obama on the Constitution. The most popular part of the debate was Romney speaking of the need for real leadership. Obama’s blame everyone else for failure campaign looks small and childish in comparison.