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October 17, 2012 09:32

Giuliani: “We have a campaigner in chief not a commander in chief”

Laura Ingraham rips Obama’s response on the Libyan attacks and Mayor Giuliani agrees saying “We haven’t had a president for a year.”

September 6, 2011 15:50

Rudy to Bloomberg: “the microphone will not melt” if we have clergy at 9-11 Memorial

Giuliani also reminds him what the establishment clause really says.

July 22, 2011 04:56

Rudy Giuliani: “If We Default 90% of Blame Falls on Obama”

“The president doesn’t lead. … Nobody knows what the heck he’s doing. … He’s yet to outline a plan because he’s too darn afraid that he’s gonna pay political consequences. …. He’s pretending he wants to do all these big cuts. We know he doesn’t want to do cuts. I know it. Let’s be honest about it. He wants do the minimum number of cuts and the maximum number of tax increases …” – Rudy Giuliani