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August 22, 2012 06:13

Educational Lunacy

If I were a Klansman, wanting to sabotage black education, I couldn’t find better allies than education establishment liberals and officials in the Obama administration, especially Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

April 26, 2012 14:23

Education Sec. says OK to get students into protesting

“I think whether it’s, you know, children in elementary school, middle school, or high school, or college, getting our students engaged in the civic life of our country is hugely important. So getting young people engaged — protest being a part of it ..” Arne Duncan Sec. of Education

May 18, 2011 06:27

Obama Administration to Honor ‘Green’ Schools That Push Climate Propaganda

The Energy Department also intends to “promote energy literacy” to achieve the Obama administration’s national energy goals of higher gas prices and higher electric rates.

October 5, 2010 04:06

The Urban Plantation

When the academic Left brought the union big guns into the D.C. mayoral race, the president and the Secretary of Education went to ground. Barack Obama and Arne Duncan are in danger of confirming a Chicago stereotype: talking that reform talk, but seldom walking the walk.

July 8, 2010 20:48

NASA now means ‘No Air or Space Anymore

When I first saw this story I thought it was political satire. When I realized it wasn’t, I started writing this column as therapy to help me through the realization of yet another signal that our nation is finished as a great power.

March 25, 2010 01:15

Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan caught in school influence scheme

Children get spots in the city’s premier schools based on whom their parents know.