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June 6, 2012 04:11

Sen. Inhofe Confirms Global Warming Is a Hoax!

“…I’m talking about, George Soros, Michael Moore, the Al Gore Hollywood elites, and all that. These are people who really want to believe this, and they have unlimited funds that they pour into campaigns. … they’re perpetrating a hoax, and that hoax is that catastrophic global warming is taking place in the world now, and it’s due to man made gases—CO2, carbon, methane, that type of thing—and what they want to do is just shut down this machine called America.”

April 21, 2011 09:41

Sen. Inhofe on administration’s desire for high gas prices

Inhofe reminds us that Obama’s energy secretary has said we should “boost the price of a gallon of gas to be comparable to Europe.” “They are doing this to advance their agenda” – Inhofe

April 5, 2011 07:21

Obama deficit greater than entire Clinton budget

Sen. Inhofe blasts Obama’s budget and out of control government spending on the senate floor. The entire Clinton budget to operate the government in 1996 was $1.5 trillion and Inhofe said then that it was unsustainable then. Obama has increased the debt more than all presidents before him combined.

December 15, 2010 07:02

Inhofe: WikiLeaks climate revelations show Obama’s ‘desperation’

A covert CIA program to dig up dirt on countries opposed to the Copenhagen climate treaty shows a White House desperate to enforce its orthodoxy on global warming, Sen. James Inhofe told The Daily Caller.

November 29, 2010 10:50

Time For Economic Restoration Now That Climate Change Deception Is Exposed

It’s time for the newly elected politicians to team up with Senator Inhofe and roll back the policies. Beyond the increased debt, the climate basis for the energy policy has done much to destroy the economy and will do more unless quickly reversed.

October 25, 2010 05:41

Obama’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan makes weird global warming claims says Sen. Inhofe.

For some, global warming is the sinister cause of every problem plaguing the world-even the conflict between India and Pakistan.

September 29, 2010 13:45

EPAs Anti-Industrial Policy – Threatening Jobs and Americas Manufacturing Base

The tyrannical unconstitutional power grab at the EPA to claim CO2 as a pollutant was based on thoroughly disproved IPCC climate report while hiding contrary reports from their own staff. Senator Inhofe describes the economic consequences of this lunacy.

July 22, 2010 04:16

81 Members of Congress join amicus brief in support of AZ law

The brief concludes: “Congress has plenary authority to regulate aliens. Congress has continuously encouraged states to assist in enforcing federal immigration law. S.B. 1070 is consistent with that intent.”

July 2, 2010 06:57

Inhofe: Obama Trying to Trade Border Security for Sweeping Amnesty

President Barack Obama’s zeal to give illegal immigrants amnesty is holding the nation’s border security “hostage” to his political agenda, GOP Sen. James Inhofe tells Newsmax in an exclusive interview. He believes the president is clearly using border security as a bargaining chip to obtain amnesty for millions of illegal aliens residing in the United States.