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November 25, 2010 06:57

God, The Eagle and the Turkey; A Thanksgiving Reflection

Simply and succinctly put: In 1621 and 1789 our nation and its citizens were thankful to God for His guidance. In 2010 we need His guidance more than ever.

September 21, 2010 04:07

In New York, A Celebration That Gives Cause to Weep

the ACLU agenda hasn’t swerved one iota from Baldwin’s original blueprint for social anarchy – an agenda that aspires to, among other things: unrestricted access to unmonitored hard core pornography for all ages … the elimination of even the most basic codes of military conduct … the abolition of Christianity and Orthodox Judaism from every aspect of public education and every corner of the public square …the killing of preborn children … and, of course, the supreme elevation of the legal demands of those who practice homosexual behavior, including same-sex “marriage.”