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July 10, 2012 06:05

Recent Case of Forced Abortion at Seven Months Sparks Global Outrage

“Out-of-plan” illegal children are denied education, health-care, and marriage, and fines for bearing a child without a permit can be 10 times the average annual income of two parents. Those families that can’t or won’t pay are jailed, or their homes destroyed, or their young child is killed.

June 1, 2012 04:05

Obama, 168 House Members Defend Sex-Selection Abortion in Democrat War on Women

NRLC says Obama and 168 U.S. mostly Dem House members “complied with the political demands of pro-abortion pressure groups, rather than defend the coerced women, and their unborn daughters, who are victimized by sex-selection abortions”

May 29, 2012 05:41

Planned Parenthood gives gendercide advice in Democrat’s war on women

An undercover investigation in a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Austin by Live Action films shows how sex selective abortion is OK and even helped by Planned Parenthood. Not really surprising considering Planned Parenthood was founded to get rid of “undesirables” in society.