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August 31, 2010 09:37

Republicans Play into Obama’s Hands

Samara, who believes that the U.S. is undergoing “regime change” away from free enterprise capitalism to the establishment of a socialist government, says that while the Republicans understand that Obamanomics has failed, they must quit acting like “Democrat light” in the current crisis and recognize that the Federal Reserve has become part of the problem.

May 10, 2010 04:15

Hedge Funds Spark World Revolution

The Marxists used to be the experts in exploiting human suffering for the purposes of sparking revolution. But the hedge funds are doing better than the Marxists.

May 7, 2010 04:02

The Fraudulent “Financial Reform” Bill

The “too big to fail” concept is not the reason for the economic crisis. The problem is not Wall Street as a whole, but the hedge fund short sellers on Wall Street. They call themselves the “alternative investment community” and have organized themselves into a special interest group called the Managed Funds Association (MFA).

March 6, 2010 11:54

Who’s Behind the Financial Crisis?

The New York Times is quoting a spokesman for George Soros as saying that the well-known hedge fund operator is guilty of no wrong-doing in connection with the financial upheaval currently affecting Greece and Europe as a whole.