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August 14, 2013 04:35

Blue State Blues – ILL Food Stamp Enrollment 4 x Job Growth

Illinois added nearly 20,000 people to SNAP, in May, while adding only 4,800 payroll jobs.

October 31, 2012 15:00

15 Signs That Layoffs And Job Losses Are Skyrocketing

Since September 1st, we have seen more job cuts announced than during any other two month period since the start of 2010. These announcements represent future layoffs and job losses which are not even showing up in the unemployment numbers yet.

July 16, 2012 06:12

USDA making Spanish soap operas to push food stamps

There is a plan from uber leftists Cloward and Piven to overwhelm the system so that it collapses. Obama seems to be making it work as food stamp use has almost doubled under his administration and now they are running radio ads to encourage people to sign up for food stamps and even making Spanish soap operas to push the program.

July 12, 2012 04:22

Costs nearly double under food stamp president

2008 food stamp program cost was $37.6 billion which has grown to $75.7 billion in 2011 under Obama. Yes he is the food stamp president.

May 15, 2012 07:43

Sex, Money and Largesse – The Hidden Depression

[T]here is a hidden economic depression running along the underbelly of the country. … The government may say this is not the 1930’s where bread lines formed outside the corner soup kitchen, however, for many American’s the only difference is that they are found at the mailbox and online instead. – Streettalklive

December 1, 2011 05:17

Land of The Freebies, Home of the Enslaved

We’ve allowed a “cradle to the grave” entitlement society! 144 million in the US pay no taxes and are supported by the rest of us. Under Reagan only 19% of households paid no taxes, under Clinton it rose to 25%, under Bush to 30% and under Obama went up over 50% to 47% of households not paying taxes. The Marxists are winning and America is going bankrupt.

February 16, 2010 05:55

Record numbers receive food stamps as USDA turns blind eye to recipients’ finances

“Applicants will not need to provide documentation verifying their resources,” wrote Jessica Shahnin, associate administrator for SNAP in a letter to all regional SNAP offices encouraging them to lower barriers to entry for people looking for food assistance.

Anybody who receives other federal aid, such as Medicaid, automatically qualifies for food stamps in most states — a situation known as “categorical eligibility.”