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October 19, 2010 04:24

The Democrats Will Steal the Election if We Let Them

The longstanding Democrat tactic of stealing elections threatens a reappearance on November 2. It would be foolish to pretend otherwise and rely on the voters’ voice to be heard merely because the public has turned on the Democrats.

October 14, 2010 17:59

Obama and Company trying to pull a fast one to keep his old seat in the D column?

Illinois has been tardy in getting ballots out to our men and women serving in the military, and thus their votes may not count in November. This is especially damaging to Mark Kirk since he is a military reservist and soldiers vote for Republicans over Democrats by a three-to-one ratio.

October 11, 2010 16:02

No votes for GI’s -they’re probably conservatives anyway first reported Sunday that New York had not mailed out absentee ballots to all its 320,000 military servicemen and women and overseas voters, in clear violation of the MOVE Act. As of Monday at noon, the ballots still had not been sent.

September 30, 2010 08:59

Group finds soldier voting obstructions in 7 more states

Military Voter Protection (MVP) sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder listing what it says are violations of the federal MOVE Act in two states and in multiple counties in five other states. –

September 28, 2010 05:03

Will soldiers’ votes effect elections?

“There is no doubt that military absentee ballots can absolutely define who wins and loses. That was certainly the case in 2000 in Florida with the presidential election,” he said. “And the one thing that we’ve seen thus far in the election cycle is that there are a lot of close races and there are going to be a lot of close races. And these votes, in fact, could make the difference in a lot of these House and Senate races.”

September 24, 2010 08:11

Denying Our Soldiers The Vote – you can die though

The Department of Justice is failing to enforce a law that protects the voting rights of soldiers overseas. They’re allowed to fight and die for their country, but they can’t vote for its leaders?

August 9, 2010 04:21

DOJ pushing to inhibit troop votes?

When you put this with the New Black Panther voter intimidation case where the DOJ did little about militant Black Panthers in military style uniforms and one holding a night stick blatantly intimidating voters you see a pattern of corruption in using the DOJ as another tool to win elections. Don’t forget the Obama campaign also gave $800,000 to the supposed nonpartisan group ACORN for election help.