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March 30, 2011 06:20

Cars, Planes to be Banned in Our Green Energy Future

Funny how supporters of the 2009 House bill never told us about what we would have to sacrifice in order to meet such draconian carbon dioxide reductions. Welcome to the energy future of 21st century!

October 8, 2010 04:30

Christie says no go on $8 billion tunnel

Gov. Chris Christie pulled the plug on a decades-in-the-making train tunnel connecting New Jersey and Manhattan, saying Thursday that New Jersey can’t afford to pay for cost overruns on the already under-construction project. Oct. 8

March 25, 2010 01:00

Forced bicycling? Obama Transportation Secretary: ‘This Is the End of Favoring Motorized Transportation at the Expense of Non-Motorized’

“Today, I want to announce a sea change,” LaHood wrote. “People across America who value bicycling should have a voice when it comes to transportation planning. This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized.”

March 4, 2010 06:51

Limiting an Overreaching Federal Government: Is State Nullification (10th Amendment movement) the Solution? A Constitutional Analysis

Nullification places minority power above majority power. The majority may sometimes be wrong, but when that occurs, Washington reminded Americans that changes must be made only by using “the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this in one instance may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”