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October 22, 2011 10:38

Biden pushes $95 million campaign funding with “rape and murder” fear tactics

Biden’s recent comments supporting the $35 billion union funding “jobs” bill will put at least $95 million into Democrat campaign coffers. Public sector union employees in California alone already generate $20 million A MONTH in political campaign influence.

April 26, 2011 11:27

Thuggery 101: Union Official, Professor Teach College Course in Violent Union Tactics

Union profs push violence as an acceptable method of looting your fellow citizens. Union professors Don Giljum and Judy Ancel teach a college course on “labor”. Giljum is a union leader with IUOE and a member of the Communist Party. Ancel is the director of UMKC’s Institute for Labor Studies.

April 22, 2011 10:31

‘Forget About the Law’ Union Bosses & Admitting They Are Overriding US Law & Sovereignty

‘Forget About the Law’ Union Bosses & White House Advisors Bob Park & Rich Trumka Admitting They Are Overriding US Law & Sovereignty With The International Labor Movement.

April 5, 2011 05:15

How Democrats keep getting elected

The Hollywood conservative, Andrew Klavan, nails public sector unions and their incestuous relationship with Democrats.

March 25, 2011 07:30

Union Thuggery Run Amok

They’re all disturbing signs of a union going mad over its own irrelevance and taking up more goonish tactics. Whatever it is, it has no place in civil society, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

December 22, 2010 07:14

Poster child for eliminating teacher unions – cocaine addict takes four years to fire

An admitted dangerous cocaine addicted teacher was paid full salary and did nothing for four years before he could be removed. Its time to de-certify all teacher unions and end the tenure system.

October 5, 2010 04:06

The Urban Plantation

When the academic Left brought the union big guns into the D.C. mayoral race, the president and the Secretary of Education went to ground. Barack Obama and Arne Duncan are in danger of confirming a Chicago stereotype: talking that reform talk, but seldom walking the walk.

September 10, 2010 09:41

The Public Employee Union Problem

Politicians granting unsustainable government employee salaries, benefits and pensions is a problem everywhere, but the states with the strongest public-sector unions will have the hardest time correcting it.

September 8, 2010 05:48

Media Ignoring AFL-CIO Trumka’s Violent Background

About the last thing Obama wants, especially as his party faces heavy losses in congressional elections this November, is the subject of Trumka’s lengthy track record of aggression and corruption to come up.

September 4, 2010 09:09

Labor weekend special -all about unions

Learn how socialist unions are crushing our economy, corrupting our government and pushing a leftist agenda like amnesty, global taxes, Obamacare and others in these links related to Labor.