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July 16, 2013 05:11

GM Now Using Taxpayer Money to Create Jobs in Mexico

Amount of taxpayer funding given to GM and GMAC comes to a staggering $50.4 billion.

May 18, 2010 05:08

Taxpayer losses from bailing out Chrysler and General Motors may reach $34 billion

Obama’s hope and change worked out real well for unions who helped elect him at GM and Chrysler, not so well for legal creditors and tax payers.

May 18, 2010 04:48

Union benefits already bailed out with taxpayer dollars in GM deal

A UAW-controlled auto retiree health care fund was owed $20 billion by GM before the bailout. Under the White House-dictated terms, UAW-appointed fund managers got back half of what they were owed in cash, whereas taxpayers who were owed $19.4 billion didn’t get a dime back in cash.