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August 24, 2012 05:26

85% of Americans clueless on Agenda 21

Planners are shocked that people are opposed to such attacks on their private property and their pocketbooks, and they are doing everything possible to label such Americans as “fringe conspiracy theorists.”

October 8, 2010 17:04

Bernanke Tells the Truth: The United States is on the Brink of Financial Disaster

This is as close as you are ever going to see a central banker admit that his country’s financial situation is so dire that it could breakup at any time.

June 30, 2010 06:07

Economic Information Worth Knowing

Each new dollar of debt was accompanied by a net reduction in GDP. In fact, at year-end, each new dollar of debt subtracted 45 cents from GDP (source: U.S. Treasury Z1 Flow of Funds report, 3/11/10). Remember this the next time you hear some economist claiming that Uncle Sam should run even larger deficits to “stimulate” the economy.