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December 15, 2010 04:55

Cuccinelli Beats Post in Battle Over ObamaCare

The Post has done its best in a series of editorials to insist that Republican Cuccinelli has been way off base in his actions as Virginia Attorney General, including in the health care matter.

December 13, 2010 17:03

Cuccinelli: ‘We Have Beaten Back’ An Attack Against Our Rights

Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli reacts to news that a judge has declared the Obamacare mandate unconstitutional.

November 18, 2010 09:00

Christmas is constitutional – Cuccinelli

“Christmas is constitutional. Christmas is a state and federal holiday. To celebrate or acknowledge the holiday season without Christmas is like celebrating a birthday party without the honored guest. Refusing to acknowledge Christmas while honoring every other conceivable holiday may well violate the Constitution.”

September 13, 2010 05:25

Health Care Law Could Mean End of Federalism If It Is Upheld, Virginia AG Warns

“It would be very destructive of the history of government in this country. We would have severely damaged what the founders gave us and what a million people over the history of this country have died to preserve, and we have a lot of work to do ahead of us. But we’ll work very hard to win this one.” – Cuccinelli

September 13, 2010 04:08

The American dream is dying – Mike Pence at DC 9/12 rally

“We’ve lost respect in the world. We are going broke. The American dream is dying and our social and cultural fabric is unraveling,” Pence told rally-goers in Washington. “People are scared. If we do not succeed in November, all that once was good and great about this country could someday be gone.”

August 2, 2010 15:37

Va. Rules Police Can Ask Suspects About Immigration Status

Following in the footsteps of Arizona lawmakers, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli rules that state authorities can ask any suspects they stop or arrest about their immigration status

May 6, 2010 06:29

Virginia Attorney General pursues fraud charges in climate hoax

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is invoking a state anti-fraud law to demand the University of Virginia turn over years worth of documents related to climate scientist Michael Mann, targeting about $500,000 in grants that funded Mann’s studies.