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May 2, 2013 06:26

Did Russia Send the Bombers?

Why would they let a suspected terrorist from America come and go at will?

October 23, 2012 08:44

Obama: The Dictator’s Choice For President

Dictators with long records of enmity toward the U.S. are endorsing Obama for president. What does that say about the Obama presidency? – IBD

March 29, 2012 16:37

McCain calls Obama comments dangerous to America

Joining a chorus of concern over Obama’s off mic comments to Russian President Medvedev, Sen. McCain expresses concern about Obama impacting American security with his pledge to give away more to the Russians after the election.

March 5, 2012 04:56

Putin celebrates fraudulent victory

Opposition groups have also alleged widespread fraud, and plan a protest rally in Moscow later on Monday. – BBC News

February 24, 2012 04:56

The Russians and American Progressives: Together Again

The “American dream” show was promoted by many other liberal-left groups, including the AFL-CIO, without any hint that it was made possible through the generosity of the Russian regime. The Russia Today channel was referred to in promotional advertising simply as “RT TV,” which is how the channel wants to be known in the U.S., so that its Russian connection can be hidden from the viewing public.

April 6, 2011 05:02

KGB TV to Air Show Hosted by Anti-war Marine Vet

Russia Today has been described by Konstantin Preobrazhensky, himself a former Soviet KGB officer who defected to the West, as “a part of the Russian industry of misinformation and manipulation” designed to mislead foreign audiences about Russian intentions.

December 1, 2010 11:08

This New START Is A Bad Deal At Any Time

Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Robert Joseph, and former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Eric Edelman have all argued that New START actually weakens our defenses.

April 6, 2010 04:51

U.S. Warns Chavez About Weapons Proliferation

Better late than never -has the focus on Obamacare caused blindness to real threats?