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October 24, 2012 05:56

Wind and Solar are Worse than Coal and Waste Gas

Political force-feeding of wind and solar energy does more harm to the natural environment than coal, affects the local climate, hits consumers with unnecessary costs and threatens industry with power failures.

May 15, 2012 04:15

Wheels are coming off the wind energy gravy train

“the tax subsidy has sustained the industry on a scale that wouldn’t have been possible if they had to follow the same rules as everyone else.” A level playing field would mean that wind developers would also lose its exemptions from environmental and economic laws that all other businesses must abide by.

September 2, 2011 06:45

Our least sustainable energy option

From a land use, economic, environmental or raw materials perspective, wind is unsustainable

April 18, 2011 05:17

Renewable energy costs jobs, raises electric rates in U.K.

[F]or every job created in the United Kingdom in renewable energy, 3.7 jobs are lost. In Scotland, there is no net benefit from government support for the sector, and probably a small net loss of jobs.

December 31, 2010 05:43

Subsidy for wind energy will raise electricity prices on everyone

In the first step in a FERC scheme to socialize transmission costs nationwide the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is forcing states to pay for $20 billion in new transmission lines needed for wind power.